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Living Flipside is an online community and educational resource providing the latest news, housing solutions and job information for individuals who are healing, starting over, or recovering and trying to rebuild from set backs and life events.

Divorce, death, job loss, addiction, criminal history, financial hardships and more. These are all life challanges that arise with or without warning and can cause or serious personal and financial consequences.

Sometimes the only change you need is a new job, or help finding a job with background issues or credit problems. These days its hard to rent an apartment, get a job, or even build a new romantic relationship with background issues. Are you re-evaluating your life after the kids have left (empty-nest) or a recent seperation from a spouse or loved one? Dealing with these issues can be daunting.

For all questions or concerns regarding contributions, ads, or information throughout this website we can be reached via our contact us section or via direct e-mail at siteadmin@livingflipside.com.

About the Contributors

Living Flipside has an open policy and accepts contributing authors material. We currently have a group of writers, with varying backgrounds of expertise, who update the web site regularly with information they find of value to our audience. They also participate in reviewing and editing user submitted content.


Beth Simpson
Beth is the main contributer and overall content webmaster. She has a variaty of backgrounds, including managing large information sites for major corporations, real estate and personal development. Beth is also an independent apartment locator who has worked with a variety of apartments and locator services to find housing for individuals with a compromised background.

Matthew Gates
Matt is a jack of all trades. He is an independent consultant for a variety of real estate organizations. Licensed mortgage loan officer, and father of three. Matt has extensive experience in finding loans, financing, and apartments for individuals with complicated or difficult backgrounds.

Mary Beck
Mary is a stay at home mom and independent real estate professional. She has is also a licensed LCDC counselor and recovering alcoholic. Mary manages the live streaming, court trial and broad cast news section as she is an avid "court chatter" observer and contributor. Mary has dealt personally with criminal and background issues.

Stephen Carnell
Steve is a programmer, website designer, and also a licensed real estate appraiser. Steve handles all the "high end" technical issues as well as writes, reviews, and edits articles. He is also our database administrator who works diligently to keep the resource section updated,


Beth Simpson
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FEMA Disaster Assistance: What You Need To Know. If you are a disaster survivor, you may qualify for federal assistance.
Free Online WorkOut Videos - This channel lists hundreds of full-length workouts of every conceivable type
Thanksgiving 2019 Budget Ideas
Tiger Woods - Avoiding Jail Time with Plea

Mary Beck
Top 10 Homeowner Tax Breaks
10 Little Ways to Improve Your Financial Situation in 2017
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Matt Gates
Foreclosure? You could be in for some bad news with the IRS
How to buy real estate in MEXICO - a Step By Step Guide
KB Home/Martha Stewart begin Houston community, KB opens first New Orleans development
David Weekley offers its Imagination Collection in Summerwood
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‘Shark Tank’ star and self-made millionaire Barbara Corcoran’s advice
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Bridgeland, a 10,000-acre master-planned community in northwest Houston
Doing Things you Regret when you Drink [Tools You Need]
The Morris Brothers Case
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Disaster Food Relief from Hurricane Harvey to residents in Harris County
Google and You Tube -- is Zillow Next?

Stephen Carnell
10 Examples of Notorious 1980's Rivals - Houston Astros and the LA Dodgers - World Series 2017!
Notice of Default and Intent to Accelerate Letter - Foreclosure is On The Way
Veterans United Home Loans
Houston Downtown Lofts. The Downtown Houston area offers a vibrant neighborhood for city dwellers.
Poor Credit Home Mortgage Loans - The Role of the FICO Score
An Overview of a Quit Claim Deed
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When a Criminal Past Closes Doors - HUD has some answers
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Bend the knee… and experience GAME OF THRONES: The Touring Exhibition

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