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Loans & Finances
Evictions, Foreclosures On Hold in Harvey’s Wake
September 16, 2017 - Texans who have lost their homes due to damage from Hurricane Harvey could be eligible for special federal disaster assistance. In addition, Texans with federally backed mortgages who were already at risk of losing their homes for financial reasons before Harvey struck are getting a temporary reprieve from foreclosure.... [more]


Loans & Finances
We found the #1 trusted site to find foreclosure listings in Canada!
January 01, 1900 - Thousands of foreclosures for thousands below market value See full address, property details, maps, satellite and street images, contact details and more Receive daily email alerts about new properties in your area Free foreclosure tutorial and buyers guide ($49.95 Value) Risk free - Cancel any time... [more]


Loans & Finances
Notice of Default and Intent to Accelerate Letter - Foreclosure is On The Way
October 07, 2017 - The Notice of Default and Intent to Accelerate Notice or Letter is the first step in the foreclosure process. Some mortgage companies/banks begin this legally required step of foreclosure even during a loan modification review. They do this in order not to delay the foreclosure longer should they not feel it is in their best interest to offer you a loan modification.... [more]


Loans & Finances
Foreclosure? You could be in for some bad news with the IRS
September 15, 2017 - There is a good news/ bad news side of owing money if you're a borrower in trouble with mortgage debt. The good news is that your lender might be willing to renegotiate your loan to give you a break on your payments.... [more]


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