Sabrina Limon Trial - Conviction
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Sabrina Limon Trial - Conviction

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 @ 8:22:45 AM

BAKERSFIELD — The murder trial of Sabrina Limon began Monday, eight months after her former lover Jonathan Hearn pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter — for the 2014 shooting death of Limon’s husband at a BNSF Railway facility in Tehachapi — and agreed to testify against her.

Prosecuting attorney Eric Smith told jurors the relationship between Hearn, 27, of Hesperia, and Sabrina Limon, of Helendale, began casually in late 2012, but had intensified by early 2014 to the extent that they desired a life with 38-year-old Robert Limon out of the picture.

Smith said a more than $300,000 life-insurance policy and “lifelong benefits from the railroad” was the financial motive behind an alleged decision to kill Robert Limon while he was at work.

“Robert Limon was killed for money,” Smith said. “He was killed to replace him as the father to (the Limon children) so (they) could be brought up by godly parents.”

Meanwhile, defense attorney Richard Terry said the only evidence of a financial motive lived in the fact that Sabrina Limon received benefits after her husband’s death.

“There’s no discussion (with Hearn) of, ‘If we do this, we’ll get money,’” Terry said. “There’s no evidence that it ever came up.”

Terry did not dispute the affair; however, he said Sabrina Limon, 37, was manipulated by the “highly intelligent” Hearn, who had “decided she was never going to divorce” her husband.

Referencing Hearn’s guilty plea and subsequent testimony during Sabrina Limon’s February preliminary hearing, Terry called Hearn an “admitted, cold-blooded, calculating killer.”

“The only evidence they have that Sabrina was involved (in the murder) is Jonathan,” Terry said.

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