Stephen Duxbury Murder Trial
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Stephen Duxbury Murder Trial

Sunday, April 21, 2019 @ 11:28:35 PM

Testimony resumes November 15, 2017. Stephen Duxbury was a security guard accused of raping and murdering Sasha Samsudean at the building where he worked and she lived in downtown Orlando.

Many potential jurors were dismissed because they've heard about the high-profile case. Other potential jurors recognized Duxbury's attorney, Cheney Mason, who represented Casey Anthony.

The jury in this case is likely to hear excerpts of a lie detector test during which Duxbury made potentially incriminating statements.

Jurors will see key circumstantial evidence like his shoes, which allegedly left footprints in Samsudean's apartment, as well as fingerprints he left in her bathroom, investigators said. MORE DETAILS:

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