Shelby Isaac Hair Weave Murder Trial
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Shelby Isaac Hair Weave Murder Trial

Monday, April 22, 2019 @ 12:02:22 AM

Defendant: Shelby Isaacs
Victims: EJ Tate and Edwina Thomas and Unborn Baby Thomas
Glen Baity and Jamie Kidd
Defense Attorney: Lauren Fuchs
Judge: James Lamney
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Date of Offense: January 22, 2016

Shelby Isaacs faces three counts of murder, the teenager is accused of murder over botched hair weaves. Allegedly she murdered over a weave, making national headlines people are in disbelief in regards to motifs. This 18-year-old woman is accused of a triple homicide. 

EJ Tate and Edwina Thomas were killed in January 2016. Family and friends said Tate and his cousin ran a business called They believe Isaac and an accomplice, Victoria Seay, knew Tate and may have bought hair from him before.

The victims were found in a honda accord when shot. The female victim was pregnant. Tate had been shot and killed in a parking lot and Thomas died several hours later at a hospital.

Isaac has pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors allegations: Isaac purchased hair weaves from Tate and set up a later meeting saying she would "buy more" but instead her motive was to get her money back.

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