[Watch Live] Grant Amato Triple Murder Trial
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Grant Amato Triple Murder Trial

Friday, August 14, 2020 @ 5:59:08 PM

[WARNING: Explicit content may be presented at trial] The high-profile murder trial for Grant Amato, who's accused of killing three family members in Chuluota. Amato has been jailed since shortly after the shooting deaths of his parents and older brother in their Chuluota home, allegedly in a dispute over money he wired to a Bulgarian cam girl he met online. Prosecutors said Amato staged the scene as a murder-suicide, trying to make it appear as if his older brother, Cody, opened fire. Prosecutors said hours after killing his family, Amato transferred funds from the bank accounts of his dead father and brother to send to an overseas cam girl he met online. "That’s how obsessed he was with that woman," Stone said. The defense spent the day questioning how the whole thing played out. They said evidence shows that Amato's brother was alive, and even used his cellphone the morning of Jan. 25, the same morning neighbors said they heard gunshots coming from or near the Amato home.

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